• Dealing With Bipolar Disorder
    For all that’s left in my wake, I hold onto hope. I cling to it like a tiny captured ember. I curl up and gently blow on it, trusting it will be ready when a piece of kindling happens to fall into the pit. I hope those closest to me understand. I hope they won’t leave. I hope they know how much they help—even when I can’t show them that they are. I hope I don’t lose my mind.
  • On Bridges and the Slaughtering of Horses
    As fourth-graders, we stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. None of us knew the history of what we were aligning ourselves with. Our teachers left out huge portions that would sour the words of that pledge in our mouths. Then again, what teacher wants to console a classroom of fourth-graders after they tell them the United States Army killed eight hundred horses just a few miles from the school’s doorstep?
  • Insanity
    “Are you insane?” That isn’t the best question to ask your wife as you’re getting ready for bed, but I asked it as soon as I spit my toothpaste out. I had asked it half in jest—only half. She said she wanted to get up an hour early to go put gas in the car—after she put $20 in the tank earlier that day, but, according to her, it was at the wrong gas station—and get a cup of coffee. I would have just tried to sleep that extra hour and not worried about it. Caffeine addiction is strong. It’s little things like this that keep me interested. When the little things cease to be interesting, that’s when your relationship is doomed, or so I hear. Twenty years in and I still find them interesting—I’ll count that as a win.

Stories, Tales, Myths, and Legends podcast!

This episode is a story from 1897 written by Lucy Maud Montgomery and is titled "A Case of Trespass." She was in her early twenty's when it was published. L.M. Montgomery went on to publish over 500 short stories and poems and is most famous for the Anne of Green Gables series. If you liked this podcast, check out the episode some of my coworkers at the library put together on "Anne of Green Gables" on the podcast "The Book isn't Necessarily Better"
  1. A Case of Trespass
  2. The Eyes Have It
  3. An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
  4. The Star and the Lily
  5. The Paradise of Children

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