Amber Waves of Grain

Nathan’s current nonfiction project, Amber Waves of Grain, takes a hard look at the agricultural industry. A compilation of agricultural mishaps, combined with thought-provoking questions, allows the reader to explore how they would deal with particular situations or prevent them. It’s designed to get AgriScience students prepared for the real-world implications of thinking safely in the workplace. Nathan hopes it will save lives, limbs, and heartache.

Nathan has several pieces out for consideration including:


  • A chapter from Amber Waves of Grain that follows a millwright through a stressful day. Tom comes in on a cold fall morning and saves one of his crew-members from the top of the mill but the incident takes its toll on both of them.

“Taken for a Ride”

  • A personal essay covering the nature of a strained father and son relationship. A son looks at his manipulative father, recognizes parallels in his own life, and comes to a more nuanced understanding of who his father is.

“Dad’s Buck 110”

  • A sonnet supporting “Taken for a Ride.”

“The Mountain”

  • A nature writing piece about a mountaineering trip where the summit isn’t reached but something deeper is found.

“An Uncurated Life”

  • A personal essay about dealing with all the things left behind when dealing with someone’s death. A critical look at materialism blended with an exploration of ideologies passed down that we cling to.


  • A free verse poem about mental illness.

“Holding on, Letting Go”

  • A short personal essay exploring the feelings surrounding a father watching his teenage son grow up.


  • A free verse poem about taking back control of your own destiny.

Look for these in the portfolio section soon.